The meeting, similarly to the previous editions, includes a basic science session, whereby the latest advances in our understanding of the pathogenesis of autoimmune liver diseases will be presented by the leading experts in the field. 
There will be also contributions from different immunology areas, from whom very precious lessons can be learned to advance our knowledge of liver autoimmunity. The second part of the meeting will be devoted to the clinic, whereby world- renowned experts will lead the attendees to understand emerging topics, highly relevant for the daily clinical practice.

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The meeting will contribute to cementing networking between professionals and other stakeholders interested in autoimmune liver diseases.

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Delegates will have the opportunity to share their latest research and clinical data.                                                            

Fondazione EpatoCentro
Fondazione Epatocentro        

The Epatocentro is the reference point in Italian-speaking Switzerland for the treatment of liver, biliary and pancreatic diseases.                              

Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsorship opportunities     

To confirm your company's commitment to the hepatology, we invite all sponsors with an interest in the field to support the conference.